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    Save your mundane platitudes for those who give a shit
    I'll burn in hell and be through with it.
    I've got a life, it ain't big but it's a life.
    I've got clothes and heaven knows that I've still got my health.
    I look good if I do say so myself.
    I've got a soul, it ain't yours but it's a soul.
    Chalk up my lack of fire to self control.

    All the dicks with nightsticks
    poison boys with blue.
    All the dumb and uglies in your wrecking crue.
    They make me bleed nothin I can do.
    Wouldn't be so sure if I were you.

    Weren't you the guys with get-lost eyes
    that made my highschool great?
    Found me again but this time you're here too late.
    I paid my dues when I wore corrective shoes.
    When I earned the right to ignore you.

    Toughest kid in gym class
    terror in the hall.
    Necking with the prom queen
    captain every fall.
    Can't cut me now cause your knife's too dull.
    It must piss you off to know it all.

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