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    Do unto others before they get a chance to do unto you.
    World wide genocide, violence, eyewitness news,
    Misguided muscle, and the military
    Chaos, catastrophe, keeping the peace.
    There's a missle out there and it's pointed at me.
    Everybody count down 6, 5, 4, 3...

    Is everybody crazy or is it just me?

    'I love you' that's what she said.
    'But I need you like a hole in the head.'
    Cry all night for a lifetime; never forget.
    Sexual sedative comes so cheap.
    Best cut it off or you'll get in too deep.
    From bedroom to bedroom and never to sleep.
    And the girl that you want is the one you can't keep.

    Is everybody crazy or is it just me?

    You can complain. It won't go away.
    Everybody wants someone else to take the blame.
    Explanation's no excuse if you want to know the truth.

    It's just tough luck get used to it,
    The only kind you're likely to get.
    Poverty, payday, dig down deeper in debt
    Between predators, creditors and the police,
    Marriage, miscarriages, presidents, priests.
    What's wrong with them?  What's the matter with me?
    Just bedbug crazy like a dog's got fleas.

    Everybody's crazy, it isn't just me.
    Everybody's crazy, it isn't just...
    Just look around , it's easy to see.
    Everybody's crazy, it isn't just me.

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