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    Once upon a time i thought i couldn't liv without you
    fifteen years gone, i've come a long way without you

    and if we ever meet again i got a piece of you my friend
    i carry you with me

    I see you now, we've got nothing in common
    we've come a long way from Buckhorn and Top Ramen

    But I remember every fight every crazy naked night
    i carry you with me

    i carry you with me
    to every unfamiliar skyline that i see
    you're there enshrined in memory
    where friendship never dies
    i carry ou with me

    every evening every day
    every moring D.O.A.
    so much left unsaid
    that well never get to say

    'Cause high skool drop outs dont go to reunions
    whats the point? im under no delusions

    I wonder wherever you are today
    do you carry me the way
    i carry you with me?
    i carry you with me

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