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    You came clearer than ever before
    You did what no one else can
    Just never follow up when I'm awake
    Because I'd hurt you.  You'd hurt me too.

    You are a dream.  This is the longest time I've been with someone
    There's no explaining, no escaping
    You are for real and nothing will ever come between us
    There's no need to look to deep
    I'll just never go to sleep

    I felt your body as I remember
    Put me to shame when I was through
    I put you down inside myself
    But you manage to do it.  You always do

    Did you know you missed the point of dreaming
    When you said you needed more and more
    You ended up with less

    This time I have you with me
    I pulled you out when I got up
    I beat your pretty face
    I will make this one real

    Everything wet; pillow with tears
    Sheets with sweat.  I'm tired
    Do it when I'm here

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