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    She's got pictures scattered on the floor
    Scattered pictures from the days of Yore
    She's got letters from a boy obsessed,
    You had me on a string, had me at my best

    You can't leave the faith till you die
    She won't leave that men when he cries
    You can never leave the church,
    And she'll never leave me anymore

    She's got promises of a perfect time,
    When I'd say anything to make you mine
    And she's got faith in the things I say
    I made you a promise, and the world
    Can't take it away

    She can't move she knows for sure,
    I've got the key to the after world for
    This girl

    I spent all my nickels and dimes, we
    Were lovers when we had the time to
    Kiss girls

    My devastation asks no questions,
    My failure leaves no one to blame
    She's got pictures, promises to seal the fate,
    And I've got to face the fact
    It's not too late,

    She says it's not too late

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