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    I know something you don't know
    Something that you've probably guessed
    I just had to let you know
    Had to get it off my chest
    Strictly between you and me
    Is simply how it ought to be
    I can't keep it secret now
    There's nothing up my sleeve
    I need you here with me

    The last thing I would ever do
    Is try to hurt or frighten you
    I know you've heard this all before
    But won't you listen just once more?
    The words just don't come easily
    Another girl might laugh at me
    I'd never need another girl if you were mine today
    Do you feel the same way?

    Well I could turn
    And we'd both be
    Alone today
    It's true
    But I believe in you
    I won't turn away from you
    I won't turn away

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