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    Slowly slip away. I've forgotten all
    Your desperations. This endeavor makes
    Further decay
    I know we have all known for so long
    Of the truth
    We've lived under capitals rule
    ... Know - All of their progress is
    Laced with the dead
    They will never have the power
    We've always had
    Now don't fucking forget
    They have killed with no questions
    Always tried to demand our respect?
    With every life
    Taken for lies
    Your demise fills our eyes
    Can't escape all of this tragedy
    Face all the truths of our destiny
    They've abandoned our needs.
    We won't die for your greed and we're
    Here to bring you, to bring you to your
    To your fuckin' knees
    Force you to your knees
    Make your last requests, and begin to
    Slowly slip away
    I've forgotten all your desperations
    I will prove that your god can not save
    I know, we have all known, for so long
    Of the truth
    We died for their profits like fools
    Know... All of their progress is laced
    With the dead,
    And they will never have the power
    We've always had
    Never fucking forget.

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