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    I creep into you fiending your
    Pleasure coming next mine
    Abandoned wounds are bleeding
    Rotting ignorance becomes bliss
    My mind is searching
    My mind is Fighting
    My mind is thoughtless
    Your hear it?
    You hear the torture
    I'm on my knees
    Begging your body
    To wither
    Don't you ignite me
    This is not your time
    It takes hold
    This image of rapture infection you
    Stripped, Stripped to the bone
    Devoured for solace a place we both
    A door opens to show a menace
    It's primal justice for this vile crime
    So slowly she devours
    My perfect utterance
    Disown this penance away
    For now it's on me
    I could not see past fury
    Maintained the true beast
    My instincts rupture and the motive
    Has no theme
    Now look into these eyes
    And see the end of time
    It takes hold this image of rapture
    Infecting you whole
    Stripped, stripped to the bone
    Devoured for solace a place we both

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