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    Fuck every thing
    You ever told me
    You were the one, I trusted in
    I was so blind
    Cut out my own eyes for fear the sight
    These broken pieces of a life I tried to hide
    I tried to hide
    In this is all I find...
    (All I find)
    I'm... Gone... Forsaken.
    (I'm... Gone... Forsaken.)
    Inside a sullen Tomb
    (Sullen Tomb)
    Retrace My life
    (Retrace my life)
    And slowly you will understand
    (This reckoning)
    This reckoning is regaining power
    Through Catastrophe
    A horrid lapse of senses
    We feed
    A mouth that should not eat
    We've gone too far Replenished on the weak
    I can't decide if we have leaped
    Or if we are falling you'll choke on your Lies
    It's time to regain my pride
    Rest assured I make a place
    Cleansed free of your torment
    Turn away again this pain
    Shall remain forgotten
    I wish I wish that some day you will be the
    One the one to be withered and dying alone
    I wish that some day you will be the one.

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