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    Gaze to the lost forgotten eyes, of those lost in man's demise,
    Innocent but still they fall, condemned by us all. Sometimes the
    Means isn't justified, by the ends of those that we crucify, we pray
    To God with blood on our hands, when we live by the laws of
    Modern man. For those who were crucifed, we shall drown in
    Flames, all their pain and suffering, and we're all to blame. For
    Those we crucify, this world is lost, innocent and future children, will
    Pay the final cost. In fear we pray to the higher force, while we
    Lived our lifes with no remorse. In the fear and mercy in which we
    Seek, but was mercy on the soft and weak, our lives now fade to
    The past, but our influence will always last. For those who were
    Crucifed, we shall drown in flames, all their pain and suffering, and
    We're all to blame. For those we crucify, this world is lost, innocent
    And future children, will pay the final cost

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