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    With the concept of life there was no hate,
    there was no sin, created by man,
    it's bred insde of him, humanity the chosen ones,
    never ever meant to fall, but tempted by greed,
    quest for power corrupts us all,
    destruction of a gift passed down from god himself,
    creation of sin, human race destroys itself,
    ruins of a world, it was the only one,
    through temptation and greed,
    look what we've become,
    reign of terror hope is dim,
    certain falls and nobody wins,
    fall from grace,
    final sin,
    end of man will begin,
    fall from grace,
    final sin,
    nature of man bred within,
    fall from grace,
    final sin,
    the final sin,
    turned a world free of sin into corruption and lies,
    nations of hate, no one wins,
    in the end we all die, mass aggression,
    brutal world and noone ever asks why,
    greed of leaders, countries, fall,
    bring on the end of time.

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