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    Once was a day in the existance of man
    when the hand of peace reigned throughtout the land,
    but through the greed of leaders right to rule,
    do what they want, the right of others,
    how soon they are forgot,
    crucial times in the age of hate,
    crucial times in the age of mankind,
    when hate and fear plague our minds
    quest for power seek to control
    what will come next for sure noone knows,
    constantly condemned to fall to sin,
    we have to fight if we are to win,
    take and take we ignore the pain
    while we seek to acheive our own gains,
    witness to a world torn apart,
    hope grows dim as we remain in the dark,
    caught in a struggle within our minds,
    search for the truth what will we find,
    man must face the struggle within in a quest for power,
    noone wins, learn the lessons from the past,
    we must change our ways to last,
    suffering with no way out,
    noone on top noone wins,
    trapped, disease of life,
    see it all happening again,
    constant scorn on this earth,
    witness to man's demise,
    injustice to those of new birth,
    birth of the original sin creates the downfall of man,
    time as days go by, who will acheive the upper hand,
    neglect a world gone by but people ignore all this pain,
    seeking a painless way out as noone owns up to the blame.

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