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    Condemned to suffer,
    condemned to drown in this filth,
    condemned to dwell in misery,
    casualty of the world we've built.
    Cursed with awareness.
    Forever bearing this cross.
    Drowning in the disease of man.
    Watching innocent life be lost.
    And you don't see it.
    So blind it makes me sick.
    Feed on greed as others fall.
    Just another hypocrite.
    And ass you have lived as a parasite.
    So shall you be condemned to flames.
    I am your enemy.
    I'll destroy all you hold dear.
    Unleash the truth upon your earth.
    The one thing you most fear.
    A world of lies, but this truth won't set you free.
    Only expose the beasts for those who are
    and those who suffer to feed their greed.
    Witness to a living hell.
    A hell that has burned for years.
    Welcome to filth, the blood, the pain
    and the shedding of countless tears.
    Don't try to claim your innocence
    and don't for one second deny the truth.
    We all have been found guilty a
    nd the reckoning has begun.
    I will watch this world burn
    and I await the fall.
    The rapture is now upon us.
    Existence burns to dust.
    We all shall burn.

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