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    Kneel DOwn!
    want to get this over with..then stay down,avert my eyes,
    because if I say a word,i cut my own throat
    this plague contaminated everything...You,I,no exceptions
    we reptiles crawl,this bitter taste of dirt..Wont Last
    I give up.I accept.
    Guilty.end discussion.
    if we build this up,we can tear it back down!
    in one breath,one single word,the wrong word,
    fucks everything back!
    one man faces forward,as the other sits silent and still
    we both lose.
    one path,two directions,both end in seperation
    we both lose,we both saw this coming
    three things,three seperate things
    what we want,what we need an what we get
    this is what we get

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