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    I'm getting on that plane, I'm leaving you behind
    No, there's nothing you can say to drag me back
    Not this time. Tomorrow has arrived
    I may have outstayed my welcome
    You're the only reason I stayed this long
    You're the only reason I came in the first place
    And now you're the reason I have to leave this town
    You've already written me off, you won't even notice I'm gone
    Why sacrifice happiness and stay here to wonder why two people can't get along ?
    Some vicious words, well those words are not retractable
    This ticket is my response, and it's just as irreversible
    This is my final decision
    I've served my time inside this prison
    And this may be my only chance to run
    So I will pack my things, tuck tail and run
    Tomorrow my new life begins, and everything will change
    And I won't look back, not for one moment
    I'm getting on that plane.

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