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    I don't want to play your game
    That everyone should be the same
    I know who I am
    Don't need your philosophy
    It isn't any use to me
    I know where I stand
    In the ways of life and art
    I trust the wisdom of my heart
    I may stumble, I may fall
    But I know that through it all
    If to my own self I am true
    Than I'm sure to make it through
    It doesn't matter what you say
    Cuz' I know I'll be okay
    I know who I am
    I may not be your fantasy
    Or what you think I'm 'sposed to be
    Well I understand
    But what you clearly fail to see
    Is there's nobody else quite like me
    In this wonderland
    My luck begins with these two hands
    Cuz' nothing happens just by chance
    I'm courageous, I am kind, a contradiction in
    Your mind, my sexuality belongs to no one else
    But me, I believe that love's a choice
    I trust the power in my voice

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