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    And so I wept and raged and cried
    And came through on the other side
    I thought what is this that dissolves to dust
    What remains of the two of us
    You have left an empty space
    A memory that's hard to trace
    A momentary flash of light
    In Time
    And all across the universe
    Everything expanding
    At once a blessing and a curse
    A beginning and an ending
    I don't know the mystery
    Of why we're here or how we came to be
    I think we're measured by our heart
    If we've been kind and done our part
    Will anyone remember me?
    I guess my friends, my family
    We're intertwined - their lives and mine
    In Time
    And all around the world tonight
    People are embracing
    Cause it's all about the love you give
    And you don't want to waste it

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