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    You hate to be ignored
    Or maybe you're just bored
    So I opened up my mail and there's a note from you
    You say you're checkin' in
    To see how I have been
    Hey I'm doing so much better if you'd like to know the truth
    You taught me well
    You were my teacher and I thank you
    For the hell you put me through I'm very grateful
    Cuz ' I finally really learned what was important
    In my life
    And I thank my lucky stars everyday I'm not your wife
    You're selfishly absorbed
    You're childish and a bore
    And I used to hold the anger in my stomach like a fist
    But in time it was quite clear
    That only I was suffering here
    And having gratitude for you was the way out of this
    You taught me well...that life is for living
    It's not about taking, it's all about giving
    You taught me well that sometimes what we
    Want is staring us right in the face
    And the power of forgiveness, the power of
    Grace...of Grace

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