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    Watching the waves wash across the sand
    Sharing a smoke as I hold your hand
    You're here, with me there's no where else
    I'd rather be
    This is the best day I've ever had
    Just for the day let's runaway
    Won't you play with me
    Down by the sea I'll show you how happy
    We can be
    Let's just drift away on our runaway day
    My baby works hard he works all day
    Sometimes at night I can hear him say
    I wish, we could, go back in time
    When things were good
    You know we don't have to live this way
    Whenever I'm blue, I know what to do
    I want to go runaway with you
    Ain't a cloud in the sky
    I'm feeling so high
    With you by my side, by my side

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