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    You look kinda like Jesus
    In those Italian paintings
    You seem so familiar - maybe that's why
    You're accustomed to sorrow
    It's part of your make-up
    You speak the language of hunger
    So do I
    Where was your God?
    Where was your mother?
    Where is the honor in hurting a child?
    Your blood on his hands
    A voice like thunder
    You won't give him the pleasure of seeing you cry
    Alabama boy inside a man
    Living your life the best that you can
    With a childhood full of not enough
    You could've chose hate but you chose love
    When you're in the room
    It's there on your face
    So clear to me that you're walking in Grace
    I'm always amazed at the things that you do
    You illuminate me
    And those around you
    And I don't even know you
    But I've know you forever
    We were forged by some holy fire
    Far away eyes
    Filled with sadness and joy
    Contradiction, benediction, Alabama boy
    There's a raft on the river
    It's sacred water
    Sparkling beneath a southern sky
    Little Boy Blue
    Part Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer
    Floating away with a dream in your eye

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