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    Peaceless is my grim existence
    I am my own shadow, your tormentor
    When the dark no longer slumbers
    I will take your thoughts into the weeping veil of stars

    Hear my hymn you lightseeking mortal
    You can find the truth from these dark views
    But by turning away only ignorance and weakness shall clothe your soul

    See me standing in the shades of the eclipse
    Flames by my side, storm as my companion
    I'm the one hidden behind the velvet mist
    Watching you unwounded by the thorns of agony

    Await no paradise, receive no salvation
    Forget their lies, become true Damnation

    Don't try to deny the attraction of infernal powers
    Let them fill your within with their torturing pleasures

    Haunting whispers silently piercing your mind
    Follow me to the path of silence and thus I reveal you the answers you long for
    Open your lightblinded eyes, kiss the seducing face of the night
    See the thorns cry blood, feel my Masters might

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