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    Disentangeled by abominations
    Strenghtened in every aspect through confrontations
    Hiding oneself from the sarcastic faces of this universe

    A fallen disciple burdened with confusion
    Conquered by an uncontrollable creed to scatter His delusion
    Plundered down to the spectral gorges of the earth

    Undisguised for the ignorant to see
    The splendour in such a profane conspiracy

    Imprisoned and lost in the untrodden maze
    ...of predators and preys

    Cutting like a dagger hardened in His fire
    Afflictions and violations are freed in this void
    Possess an almighty eye to witness their choir
    And hunt down fools that have always decoyed

    Wingless and scattered, the slaves of submission
    In them, ideal serpent of death, waiting
    Lead by instincts like vermin on a carcass
    Oppressed by the context; blessing of oblivion
    ...Absence is present when the presence is absent

    Anxiously awaiting His millennia
    Slowly sowing the seeds of hysteria
    Captured in the strangling embrace
    ...of predators and preys
    ...Presence is absent when the absence is present

    Charged with misantrophy...
    This is how we hunt!

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