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    In a spectrum of darker fantasies
    I absorbed the myriad auras
    With delusions harnessed in twisted solace
    The planets stepped down in pure homage

    For each of time I have cast the dice
    Beneath perfectly euclidean constellations
    My face is lined with sol's demise
    And agonised through His transformations


    Virtuous is every sin to me
    I master the crafts of dying
    In all of it's sordid serenity
    I find life worth defying
    My contempt is for those in a dead human shell


    Harboured I became in the shelter of His name
    Forever fedwith the ceremonial gloom
    The wawes of inferno are my sword, suffering is my shield
    The might of Hell is my guide on this endless slaughterfield

    The omnipotent colours of Armageddon are scathing indeed
    And the displayed, severed head of the nazarene
    A skull undressed of all skin, isn't it ravishing?

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