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    >From the coldness of the mirror
    Inhuman eyes stare back at me
    The blueprints of decadence are revealed
    Subconscious beast revels in aggression
    Knowing nothing of boundaries,
    My twin of disorder

    Killer of souls, a daemon if you will
    Inner machine of a destructive design
    As real as the air I breathe
    As concrete as the ground beneath
    He's my reason to practise mayhem
    A right to express my hatred

    Absurdity! March through me
    Turn me into thy fortress
    The stronger you grow, the clearer I see
    No eyes shall I need in darkness

    Drawn into the perpetual greyness of emotions
    On the shoulders of a genocide I stand
    He carries the invisible jewels of wisdom
    He is more me than I am myself,
    My twin of disorder

    With open arms I shall confront the day
    When the dead forsake Gaia's embrace
    All of the icons of light rotate half a circle
    And escape into nothingness
    Then we are no longer two
    But one and the same

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