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    I close my eyes and your light is ignored
    I entomb my memories and your words are forlorn
    Subconscious walls imprison me no more
    The blade runs upon my skin, my hands become sore

    It must be the crasp of Death that pulls me under the surface, over and over again...

    At last I'm setting myself apart from your useless ways
    At last I forsake the burden you created for me
    Your illusions are like dust to me
    Just some reflections of worthlessness

    Hate breathes within me
    I see thousand times farther than any of you can
    You failed to sense the harvest which you've become
    You revealed me the weakness in man

    Bitter sweet is this view of solitude
    ...take me but not my flesh...
    Confused I am by all these dark emotions;
    Am I to sink in these infinite black oceans?

    I see cursed bodies dance around Devil's fire
    My Dark Father! Receive me... complete me... impale me with immortality

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