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    In the aftermath of another escape from reality
    Exhausted you lay, circled by nothingness
    You sank so deep... lacking the strength to surface again

    Miracles and revelations, or just hallusinations?
    God tends to speak only at the moments of weakness
    As ruins are easier to conquer

    Guilt batters with a killer's fist
    Forcing you to confess your supposed sins
    Hoping for heaven, afraid of hell
    You sealed your decay with a shallow prayer

    How real can this revival be
    When it's merely compensating your low self-esteem?
    Life-long submission seems to be the price of faith
    So, will the bleeding hearts give more than they take?

    Drifting with the winds out at the sea of deceit
    The fear of god is all you have
    No sign of the promised salvation
    An addict to punishment and restrain
    Paints horns and feathers within the same frames

    Helped up from the pit
    And thrown down into a deeper one

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