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    Burdened with no regret
    Caged not by hesitation
    The time of departure is set
    With eternity's invitation

    Come death - the liberation
    Free me from each earthly boundary
    To reach the higher destination
    Where shape is no longer a necessity

    Arise death - the unresting stream
    Wash me clean from the filth of old
    To allow my spirit to breathe
    Far away from it's tenacious hold

    Mourn not when this body dies
    After all, flesh is the yoke we all despise

    I discard the shell to unmask myself
    Ascending back from where I fell

    An early sundown at my shrine
    A leap into darkness from the greyness of life
    In vain are the tries to redeem my soul
    For this son of Satan is marching home

    Could not grasp the skies
    When this flesh held me down
    Now that my time is ripe
    Fire shall become my crown

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