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    Above the silvery shining surface of the water
    Beneath the breath of the cruelest breeze
    Through the foggy and untouchable blackness
    From the blackest rain that couldn't freeze
    The shadows of my Lord approach

    The touch of the evening mist, colouring views black for my eyes to see
    The magical reign of the darkest infinity
    Thee I praise, the Mightiest one
    Proud I am to be Thy son
    Come and bring Thy shadows to veil my existence

    Let me become a permanent part of Thy kingdom
    Let me drown in the shades of Thy greatness
    May I feel Thy presence stronger than ever before
    May Thy flame embrace me like the waves embrace the shore

    Thou who art the ruler of the deepest
    Thou art merciless to those who don't follow thy obscure paths
    But never to Your sons and daughters

    I give my life away and my soul is at Your hands...

    I descend into images so dark and deep
    As one with the night I sleep
    With rejoice I die and fade away
    For never again touches me the light of day

    Now darkness remains as eternal to me
    Blessed I am by His supremacy
    For there is a star enthroned in the forbidden side of the sky
    ...and that star is I!

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