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    Each time I speak
    An angel falls beheaded from the heavens
    Each time my foot meets the soil
    The celestial fruits wither to dust

    I was the one to offer them my gifts
    Obsessive pearls for the absent generations
    When the old nations were hammered down
    I stood there strangling them to their final sleep

    Persistance has overcome
    In order to achieve the clearest triumphancy
    Seek not for the obvious nor the visible
    And thus, thou might become a part of me

    I am sure you must know me
    For I am the taste in the veins of those who enjoyed the carnage

    Halls beyond the blinded eyes
    The wells right in front of their souls
    Trapped in the current trails of simplicity
    Abandoned inner stigmas, now purely manifest

    The future is driven through my palms
    Your deficiency was painted by my speech
    The Master's empyrean yearns for no rest
    I deliver the goblets of venom, two for each...

    One for your scattered bones
    And the other for your dreams
    I am the one offering you my gifts
    Obsessive pearls for the present generations

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