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    The night is our dawn - bestow us Thy spell
    Allow us to comprehend the august wisdom of Hell
    With insanity Thou have besmeared my mind
    Come forth, Thou art the father of our kind

    The agitator behind the walls of flames
    Behold these instruments of vengeance
    Curse forever this light-raped dimension
    Embrace it to death with Thy tyrannic ascension

    Crushing the skull of christ out of pure delight
    Grievance is the reward of this world forlorn
    The hellburn inside, guiding me to the pit and beyond
    Thy grasp squeezes my soul and never lets me go

    With a perverted smile upon our lips we observed
    The enemy bemoaned in the nectar of a dying world...

    Satan, Thou art to spill the wine of suicide
    Master, Thou art the razor upon their throats

    As marionettes of death in the arms of Mammon
    Or like flesh torn by the unhallowed dragon
    Malignant visions unfold, Thy age has begun
    Darkness is ours for Thy flame became our sun

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