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    White Devil

    Sittin' in the hot tub and sippin' champagne - the sun is comin' up and we're high on cocaine - I got a lot to say but it don't make sense - been grindin' my teeth 'til my face is tense - sneakin' to the bathroom, sniffin' and snortin' - talkin' lot'a shit, baby, nothin' important -- talkin' 'bout the devil - the white fuckin' devil -- everybody's speedin' and sharin' the stash - we won't run out with a pocket full of cash - who are you, and who am I? - I'd answer you, homie, but I'm too damn high! - my heart is a-thumpin', my soul has gone away - talkin' politics in the U.S.A. -- chorus -- my hands are sweaty and my nose is runny too - you know we like the snow year round in Boone - drinkin' like a fish, you'd think I'd be done - when the devil's in town, it's death by fun - I got a little baggy that's talkin' to me - says rip me open, and set me free!

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