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    I feel all used and tossed aside - like a rubber on a loveless night - a warm body for you to hold - I feel just like your sex toy - 'cuz I'm in the drawer for weeks at times - and then you use me to make you smile - and all those times, I guess you lied - when you said you loved me -- so go to hell, hope you enjoy the ride - I'm such a chump for all those tears I cried - are ya doin' fine 'cuz I hope you die - a slow and painful death, it'd make me smile -- now you act like nothin's changed - do you get off messin' with my brain? - sure I'm actin' like a child - but at least I can make up my mind - so fuck you and all your friends - I'll make fun of you and them - I'll sit around and drink some brews - and talk about your mother -- chorus --'cuz it's love, and it's hate - I got that hate and love thing for you, baby, but right now - hate's kickin' love's ass - out the door, out the door, out the door, out the door -- chorus -- I hope you die...

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