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    Devil's Daughter

    I met a girl, she had a tail - and some horns and it really turned me on - it's plain to see - it paints a picture - of me and her miserably ever after -- I know you're bad for me - you make me sing with the devil's symphony - the way you move, well it rings hell's bells - love with you is hotter than hell -- dressed to kill, all in red - the devil's daughter's got me burnin' down the bed - the fantasy's reality 'cuz she don't give attitude and she's always in the mood -- chorus -- your love's like a razor - slicing me open - leavin' me bleeding, and I can hear you laughin' - I'm naked like jesus - nailed to the cross and - just hangin' around - for me to die -- red on the head, fire in the hole - the devil's daughter's got me selling out my soul - the pharmacy's got no cure for me - I got it bad with the devil's std

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