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    Excess is key - yes, excess for me - I'm livin' large and livin' hard, won't hear complaints from me - when life gets me down, you won't see me frown - 'cuz I know the place I need to be -- at the boone saloon - where we're getting lit and talkin' shit and actin' like a fool - at the boone saloon - see you there on monday, we'll be drunk by noon -- restin' all our beers on bucky's big wood - I make a crude joke, 'cuz you knew that I would - it's 20 feet long, and 3 feet wide - and for her pleasure, natural edge on the side -- chorus -- the scandals' in town, they rock that Black Cat down - jenna's chuggin' beer, varipapa's on the ground - the moral to the story, we really don't have one - so let's all get fucked up and have some fun, fun, fun!

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