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    From his darkest desires
    From hate caused by his suffering
    From his horde of faithfuls in trance
    From his thirst of blood and death
    Will be born a storm of torpor
    And horror succeeds hypocrisy
    Last judgement will be proclaimed

    For a long time the executioner waits for them
    He won't have a pity
    The fire of live coals already burn

    When flames of pureness turn over inquisition
    When flower of evil spreads as a death wind
    When blood pours on last sabbath's a dark altar
    Then he will come back and declare his reign
    And hunt Jehovah's angels from his people's soul.

    Then christ will return on his cross
    It will be the Holy Trinity's end
    The humiliated prince goes back on his throne
    And story can finally start...

    By the holy road you return
    By your sacrifice's blood
    By gift of your soul to the master
    And reject of church's baptism
    You calm torment of his spirit
    You give him force to fight
    And your help will be rewarded!

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