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    Before you go away
    To the one you do belong
    So glad we met and you stayed
    Though it wasn't very long
    Was it only just a dream
    It's over now it seems
    If there were no goodbyes
    Would you stay that you still care
    I won't believe my eyes
    When I see you won't be there
    'Cause this love so hard to find
    Now you're leavin' me behind
    Oh please

    Show me and tell me
    How do you put this love aside
    (And) Put it away for another time
    With no guarantee that you'll be mine
    A fool I am it seems
    'Cause I'll been lovin' you in my dreams
    Until I wake up and I find out
    That time ain't our friend
    I'll just stay a fool till the end

    (Till the end, I'll be a fool)
    (Till I find it's me and you)
    If it only was game
    Why'd you have to fool my heart
    Oh girl ain't it a shame
    That we promised from the start
    That our love was here to stay
    For each and everyday
    If I had only known
    And if I didn't have to care
    Then being all alone
    It wouln't be so hard to bear
    This love so hard to find
    That we're leavin' here behind
    Oh please

    Repeat chorus

    I maybe over acting
    I know I must stay strong
    But you pulled the string too hard
    And now we're going on our own

    Repeat chorus

    Till the end
    You know I just stay a fool

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