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    Verse 1:

    I was in love
    I could feel it
    And my heart tried to reveal it
    But my mind said no
    I told you so
    When you asked me out
    I had my doubts
    You were right for me
    Were we meant to be
    Were you right for me


    The heart versus mind
    It happens all the time
    The battle of two wills
    Call it what you will
    My heart said go
    But mind said no

    Verse 2:

    With looks so lush
    You made me blush
    With eyes so dreamy
    You should have seen me
    My heart said go
    But my mind said no

    Repeat chorus

    Verse 3:

    I can say with certainty
    That you're not right for me
    But still I love you so
    But I have to say no
    And wait
    Hold on to my faith
    That God will give me a love
    Sent from above

    Repeat chorus

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