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    Contemporary Girl
    Living in this world

    Verse 1:

    The world today
    Has come a long way
    From radio to TV
    From fire to electricity
    Airplanes and jets
    Computers and the Internet
    What an entry
    Into the 21st century
    This is the world
    Of the contemporary girl
    But modernization
    Isn't for every situation
    Like in love
    What are we thinking of
    Some women take control
    Playing the dominant role
    But he's a person
    God gave him a mind
    So stop trying
    To make it up for him all the time


    Contemporary Girl
    Living in this world
    Modern society
    Gave you the right to be in control
    But don't turn your back on love
    God gave you a heart and soul

    Verse 2:

    Living in this world
    Can be tough when you're a girl
    But you think you've got it under control
    And no man will take a hold
    Of you or your heart
    And that's the way
    You wanted it from the start
    You run your life
    And that of your man
    Everything is going according to plan
    But on your list of things to remember
    Love isn't on your daily agenda
    No matter what your friends say
    You shouldn't treat him that way
    Do unto others
    As you'd have done to you
    You wouldn't like it
    If he did the same to you
    Repeat chorus
    Contemporary Girl
    Living in this world
    In a modern society
    That gave you the right to be in control
    Don't turn your back on love
    God gave you a heart and soul
    You put the con in contemporary
    With the life that you're selling
    And how long you've been trippin'
    There's no telling
    If you wanna be a feminist
    Do it on your own
    And you'll be like that movie
    Home Alone
    Why ya wanna trip
    Trying to wear the pants in the relationship
    I'd rather wear the skirt
    You can have a family and still work
    You treat him like the gum under your shoe
    And then you try to get rid of him like the flu
    When you're mad
    You know your tempers never far
    You make the guy break down like your car
    He shakes in the dust
    Like you're San Andreas
    Then you bring out his faults
    Like diamonds from a vault
    Which ironically you want him to buy
    And yet still you try
    To give him more orders than a waiter
    And it divides you like the equator
    You're more domineering
    Than power steering
    But you must realize
    Both of you can't drive
    How can he not hear what you say
    When your nickname is forte
    You ever been in a checkout line
    Trying to save time
    And stand behind
    A couple that's out of their minds
    She picks a fight
    And she knows she's not right
    And he apologizes for something he didn't do
    And you stare at the ceiling
    Cause you don't have a clue
    So embarrassed for the guy
    You can't look him in the eye
    All you can do is ask yourself why
    Contemporary girl in the corporate world
    You're kicking butt and taking names
    And to you it's all a game
    Designer clothed
    Hard nosed
    Battle-ax with a fax
    The business brunch
    The power lunch
    Net and gross
    Who makes the most
    Spreadsheets and requisitions
    Mergers and acquisitions
    Real time and the bottom line
    Corporate takeovers and leveraged buyouts
    A private jet for you to fly out
    Just having your fun
    Ms. hard as nails
    But cry when you break one
    You only care about how much you earn
    But when will you ever learn
    In this world
    You can't be the man
    When you're a girl
    What an extraordinary mask
    But I've got just one question to ask
    You say you know what's best
    But how are you gonna rule the world with P.M.S.


    Now you're so very sure
    With success in your life
    You think you don't need him anymore
    I guess love isn't a fad
    Being an old fashioned girl
    Isn't so bad
    You don't have to be sad
    I know that's not how you want to be
    So ladies, sing it with me
    Contemporary girl
    Living in this world

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