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    He's the bachelor of hearts
    Don't even start

    He's got a degree
    In being a single man
    And breaking hearts is his only plan
    He's out everyday
    Searching for his prey
    Chasing anyone that passes his way
    If you know like me
    You will be
    On your best behavior
    Because he is a player
    He can sense insecurity a mile away
    Like a shark and it's prey
    When he zeros in
    You'll think a hero's in the room
    Then he's gone real soon
    He knows no love
    Only lust
    He knows no fidelity
    Only mistrust
    He's always smiling and winking
    Laughing and blinking
    Girl what are you thinking


    Bachelor of hearts
    Don't even start
    His pedigree
    Is of a Labrador Retriever
    He'll pick up any bird
    Then leave her
    He's got a degree in misogyny
    That's not a catch
    There is a catch

    Verse 2:

    Stop going in the wrong direction
    Every woman you meet
    You add to your collection
    You play with emotions
    Like it's a notion
    Broken hearts
    Like sands to the ocean
    You give good men a bad name
    Playing this game
    You have the potential to be a good man
    I don't understand
    Why do you feel the necessity to act this way
    What a game you play

    Repeat Chorus


    The bachelor of hearts
    Always playing his part
    Always at the party
    Looking fool hardy
    Always at the club
    Looking for love
    Be real for a change
    Stop playing games
    Do you even remember their names?
    Or have you lost count
    At the sheer amount
    You'll flirt with anything in a skirt
    It doesn't matter who ends up getting hurt
    Then he set his sights on me
    Thinking I would fall for that easily
    But you're out of your league
    And I think you should know it
    You're out of your league
    And you just don't know it
    If you don't want to reap it
    Then don't sow it

    Repeat chorus

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