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    There was a time i said i loved you,
    A time i thought you cared
    A time when things were flowing,
    But now i'm lost for words

    I tried so hard to understand,
    In silence and emotion
    You take my smiles away from me
    With your careless notions

    Will you bring me down
    Will you lift me up - will you lift me up

    Chorus :

    I want to be me
    When the night is fading, morning's waking

    Didn't do what you were supposed to
    Do when you said you would do
    Holding on while all along
    I was scared to say goodbye

    Those days have gone, the time has come now
    For me to draw the line
    My mind is made up baby
    I won't play your game


    Will you bring me down
    Will you lift me up

    I wanna be me��

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