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    [ahmad's friends talking]
    .. and then he cut it off *laughter*
    Hahaha, ay who next? who next?
    Ay ay jamal come up
    Somebody else.. aiy who next man?
    Calvin you next?  (nah nah)
    Midget?  rascal?  (no, no no)
    It's mine?  on mine?  I'm gon' tell a story man
    Aight aight, it's like this..

    Well it was half past eleven o'clock, ready to rock
    I'd been searchin for a spot all week, where they be doin the freak
    But no one knew I didn't panic, remained calm
    Thought, "why not just go out on a mission, like james bond? "
    Double-oh-seven, since I'm the great, I'll be double-oh-eight
    So I went into the closet and got my gear straight
    Jumped in the car, drove for an hour, with no luck
    Started havin doubts and that's about when trouble came up
    Twelve thirty at night I'm at a street light and hot
    Restin my head back (boom!) I heard a shot
    Fired through my back window broke the glass then hit dash metal
    No time to look both ways I hit the gas pedal
    Now my "mission" is real like special ed
    Gettin shot at with a shotty and I wish I had a jet
    To hit, maximum thrust 'fore they bust one and hit me
    Square in the back cain't understand I was the wrong man that
    They were after, I wish they'd see the light, no joke
    But in the meantime, I broke and hit a quick right
    Dipped to an alley, turned off my lights and ducked
    And I guess none of 'em saw me, they kept goin up crenshaw, good
    Opened my eyes for surprising more
    To see the alley I was in lead to the party I'd been lookin for
    All out of breath and could hardly speak
    But soon as I walked in the door, honey asked me if I wanted to freak

    "she did the freak!" (4x)
    {*reggae patois - can't follow*}

    Well I'm back on the move, yeah back on the mission
    Gettin jocked and shit cause my pockets thick
    I guess they heard I had a record deal
    And I'd expect that would change their views do's and don'ts
    Into they won't diss and now my mission gets, a little bigger
    I'm lookin for a freak with soul that's not a gold digger
    Yup, I want some-bo-dy
    And by bein in the bright spotlight, you learn a lot like
    If you got ends, well then you got friends
    If you got dough, well then you got hoes
    And that's how all of that go, but
    I'ma still have to give it a try
    I saw a girl with no guys, sittin in back and I went over to chat
    Well we talked and laughed about a half hour then
    There was a sudden blur, when I saw her
    The finest girl I'd ever seen her name was tina
    Dressed all in red then my mouth said
    "sorry I don't mean to be a dog or a mutt
    I'm just a big cool j fan and, tina got a +big ol' butt+
    So I'm leavin love," then I went over to tina to speak
    And I asked her if she wanted to freak

    "she did the freak!" (6x)
    {*reggae patois - can't follow*}

    Dig it now she wanna freak, well here's my number beep it
    Might even lick the cat but if I do I get to keep it
    That's what I told tina then I jetted, I said it
    Just to make sure we got in bed - it's, all in the mix
    To the motel 6, because I figure
    If bags was bait she bit 'em hook line and sinker
    I'm out now, until next week, mission complete
    Ahmad, the great double-oh-eight niggarole doin the freak

    "she did the freak!" (8x)
    {*reggae patois - can't follow*}

    "she did the freak!" (16x)
    {*reggae patois - can't follow*}

    "she did the freak!"

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