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    Four rooms, a ceiling and a floor but there's more
    (close to insanity)
    A desk with a subtle light, a window and a door
    (close to insanity)
    One bottle of the bluest inks your iris ever saw
    (close to insanity)
    One child prodigy with a vision in his core
    (close to insanity)

    (yeah, yo)
    I'm frost bitten, slippin' away titanic burden nurses
    Where the anti-hero clergy purge their value burning service
    And warped was I huddled beneath the influenza fresh
    Meshed with impressions that appear to shrink before my very breath
    These tides of woe and malice and mirth initiate a wave crash
    Splashing my offspring graves prior to birth it's looking bleak  
    Malarky farce sergeant crooked and sleek emerald eyes glow
    I'm shook in a freak side show
    OK I strobe effects projective when I blink
    So I resign this chorus line
    When linked we let our eyelids fall and pilots stall
    With what I sing I'll open lash light and dark clash to dim the wattage
    Then see the wide eyed dry grays and supplied fiery colossus
    Well I am a hostage guiding yet pushed beneath the crazes climate
    Hiding behind the levy while the stubborn rivers rise and feel this
    I wish heavenly brevity centered hate pedigrees instead of dead serenity
    God damn must have remembered me
    It clinched me, it wrenched me, tempted me to employ it
    Apprehended me and rendered me suspended in its voyage
    How these tables have turned
    Hand to the bottle with the skull and cross bones scribbled off the label
    Sip the ladle drank the burn begging for dead
    Concerns off with a zephyr tread and leg in a web
    Caught triple-six couriers beckon they fled
    OK OK I get it
    Let 'em shake a little then release 'em
    Like as if ghostly hysterics would leash on banded completion
    Odium, patience ran his anti-death commando
    Just a litigant stretchin' to touch tranquil but couldn't quite catch the angle
    I'm trained as corner stone famine troopers
    So my tray within a heart of hearts still belly up and parched, come on

    (yeah, yeah, check it)

    I'm a sideline observer alerted not yet retreating
    (close to insanity)
    The climate stubbornly hovered slightly above freezing
    (close to insanity)
    Now everybody in the populis awaited my reply
    (close to insanity)
    I spit a billion tiny brilliant white lights into the sky
    (close to insanity)

    Undeniably amused by the way the fuse burn
    By the way the clues churn in front of my eyes
    To fertilize germination of concern for me for we
    For he who's sucked into the trench fully dug
    I don't wanna pull the plug
    Hug on my canteen like in a dream
    Centipede leader speedin' through a meaty greed league
    I can tell by the way the needs bleed from a seed
    If the breed should have ever been bread 'nuff said

    Whether compared to caterpillar and cocoon
    To emerge or a spark's soon a bloom to a surge
    All I need is the nourishment, the courage and the burn
    To ascend from a number to grave blade runner
    Hunter, cleric, swordsman, king
    More like I'm walking with a broken mood ring
    Mood swingin' from the mezzanine level
    Here to bevel the edge
    My team's settled on the ledge to pledge
    It's like that.

    In the summer it rains buckets of hunger pains
    In the winter it's the same with an added climate change
    The remaining two quadrants balance the polar values equally for midrange
    Yet the songs of thirst remain the same
    You could turn the whole cold reservoir to liquor
    Hell, split the ocean on its seams if it boosts your esteem
    I never lend span of attention lest my brethren signal fresh
    So do your magic miracle worker I'll remain unimpressed
    For the flux, the fix, the famine
    For the fact that little Billy up the block obtained a lovely hand cannon
    I'd examined auto pilot (right) when filibuster won (yeah)
    Concluded the few we're tuned with were now targets of his movement (oh shit)
    It's intriguing, yet I guess I knew somewhere something was leaking
    Now I honor instinct delinquent
    Bring settler runaways frayed boogie bastard clicks
    To bypass glass stature walking graph characters
    Militant dance split the sun and sip the filament
    Tracer, vivisection is to lab rat primes
    They try to grace these sacred lips with his maze or a dirty wine
    He knew, he brewed the substance just to mock the lesser budgets
    Then sought off all trickery bought off the public and screamed victory
    Tunnel through the mite infested grillage and the rig
    As fast a Aesop and his ten little fatigued fingers could dig trigger revenge
    Tip the goblet in the dirt review my words spit in the puddle
    Peace to faint struggle the fuck out and duck out

    (yeah, check, huh, uh)

    Now, all hail defenders of the trash talk
    (close to insanity)
    I was hidden, yet I slid in just to rip the mask off
    (close to insanity)
    I'm seventy-six inches of all the purest sounds
    (close to insanity)
    So y'all could dig me six feet deep my eyes would still be over ground
    (close to insanity)

    (It's like that)

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