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    No more pencils no more books
    I built the city out one brick
    It had a mayor and a crook
    I made the crook stab the mayor then slay himself in the gills
    I stole the brick back and migrated east, now let's build

    Every tenderfoot cadet better they be slit-throat percentages
    Chicken penmanship tied the thirteenth knot (Hangman)
    I arrange panoramic of a plastic catalogue
    And where wild dogs sing tailor-made lullabies tried by my offspring
    I'll bring the butterflies and he can bring the centipedes
    And she'll bring the cadavers set em' free and let em' feed
    The devil tree penciled me in but I slept thick through my alarm sock
    Slick Willy hid in the barn while farmer charmed the crops
    And I'm a warden
    My tongue is full of glass
    Because I promised my friend I'd chew up the bottle
    If he truly drank the poison.
    I'm alienating the mating man to the high ride, base tied,
    Face mine's and make God clones
    We can manufacture medicine
    Cut into 5-digit slide clock the essentials in (I'll be a bill collector)
    My destinies resting with red worms chewin'' off the carcass anyway
    Let me slay artists for tips in the penny tray
    By the way if that diamond ring don't shine
    That's cause I bought it at the five-and-dime but don't neglect the sentiment
    I'll pedal my tricycle through the f-5 logistics of a twister
    Soaked in the religions of a nit-picker


    If I botched the operation I apologize (sorry)
    The air's rooted in carbon
    I'm but a mortal archer parked in amber waves of starlets
    I'm fresh out of Geppeddo's woodwork asylum
    Cedar frame, wire-bound knuckles
    Let a tug of the puppeteer steer my hustle
    Well when a page becomes a squire, re-engage, clap your wings
    When a noble's demoted
    Hope it don't sucker-punch the colonies
    But when the catapult releases lease your claims behind the bunker
    And fasten stinger pageant results to the public eye (glory hunter)
    Is it genuine enough to feel baby felon
    Negotiate comradery of wills
    Hows this my little loom
    Perv surgeon with dirty dominion monitor boxes
    Hovering inches 'bove pertinent urchin toxins
    Now y'all ain't excused from table side
    Till the dinner plates fly
    Slurping' liquid happy citzen enhancer
    I got this slicky sycamore head shaker
    Mimic stitch and splinter entry
    Thereby filtering citizens hit-man prior to acts descending (tight)
    Cats know the ambiance calm beyond comparison
    Captive, passive spring loaded serenity
    I'm trying to give this city acupuncture
    Shovin one-way pins in subway systems
    Stand up where I'm layin, now that a runway vic (push)
    Made you go batty, spreading spawn legitimate
    Spice the bishop, sever the ties, splinter the kinship
    See every now and again I love life but hate to admit it
    Cause it spreads the jinx on a sleeping cynic


    I'm quadruple six plus scruples category mayhem stems
    So one overlooked the scene including loopholes
    When Christ studies the return ramifications
    I'll burn the campus to impress him
    Then rock like medusa glances
    You ran the final mile before the blanks blow
    Home alone sippin beetle juice
    Just to numb and then shimmy the needles loose
    I built a castle out of fifty-two cards
    Plus jokers with an image
    Modern theory jars us while remaining harnessed to the vintage
    I'm mad at how far this is dishonoring Akham's Razor
    But it seemed so being fatigued knuckle work (labor)
    I've patched the little leakage in the shell around my greed
    In case Tommy Turbulence located the matrix then impedes(ooh)
    Whistle b in dirge bout the boogie burst classic
    Helen fell in haunted machines screened by similars
    That pagan act of suicide came to the daggers surface
    Due to one queen who lodged the faith inside a broken circus
    Me and my stargazer from woodwork serve the furnace (right)
    Pittin and discoloring up the lung that stung the serpent
    I cherish the ferris wheel revolutions
    Its not because the ride enthralls
    More simply to the fact that it still revolves
    Nursed in a bracket televis plastics and sacchirine (well)
    I oppose mass panic
    The repressed fantasy cadetts pose with a latch key demenor
    Returning to find a home vacant with no similars to compare days with
    So lets build

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