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    [Sample from "Snatch"]
    "Do you know what 'nemesis' means?
    A righteous infliction of retribution
    Manifested by an appropriate agent....
    Personified in this case by me"

    [Aesop Rock]
    We're all in the same gang, bread and butter
    Just a couple subdivisions who naturally hate each other
    Influences shark biting the fuck outta your brother
    Friendship is Professor Plum ratting on Colonel Mustard
    You are now witnessing the world's most craft version
    Of a barnstormer, reveal time with a jagged edge
    Arm mortars and ?free minds? for a bastard sledge
    On the style diamond cutter
    Swung before that magnificent havok sketch
    You fidget like a nervous culprit gulping
    Sweat a bullet, dead a bullshit sequence reactor
    Speaking disaster
    Who leaped off the canvas to provoke a ?style miner?
    Fake as the grass with a sturdy belly and his work to sell me
    I got my word to tell you
    I got absurd magic
    For the forks like pistons pumping through the realm my family habits
    (?Madder or Rabbit Hat? combination)
    Nah, more like I'm spitting pixleak dust
    Till the mixed vapor community combusts

    [Yeshua Da Poed]
    I hold words for ransom
    Demand some attention pays
    Not to mention praise for their release on a page
    It might amaze the light of day
    I never said I, gave, them all, the fight to be brave
    More insight to behave
    Raw like them others
    Whose ads have been paid for by some brothers
    While some of us lie in the eyes of others
    I discovered another way to stay undercover
    Kill everyone involved, Unsolve
    Mysteries, this to me is how to leave matters resolved
    Out of this all, you should take a break, ask the fake
    Get snatched out your habitat and left on the side of alake
    I try to debate
    Whether a clean getaway is harder to make
    Than a call to the cleaners
    Dropped off a seamless bag
    Zipped it up with enough cash to pay the cat
    With the aqua demeanor

    [Vast Aire]
    God is a name I call myself
    I don't like Ugly, Original, Synthetic
    I breathe rusty air logic
    It becomes the lung, the mind is a closet
    That is if it's a walk-in, cuz I'm open
    You fell from the clips of weakness, I scoped it
    I'll ball your rhyme up and stuff it inside my mouth
    As if this was the first grade...(C'mon man)
    And you'll just stand there
    Your eyes'll water up
    And your teeth'll grind cuz you rhyme first grade
    Seeing me is like time, I'm a caged poet
    But I think life is more than a jail sentence
    That's why I, took my time
    Doing calisthenics which euphemisms to hand out a life sentence
    When I rhyme, I put my ass crack in it
    And you in a glass bottom boat with a crack in it
    So fuck your attitude
    My poetry's position is the sole definition of latitude

    "Sinister" *repeated*

    "You tell the angels in heaven you've never seen
    An evil so singular personified as you being hit
    In the face by the man who killed you"

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