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    sulking and bulking a half
    sulking a laugh crash test
    figure the mixtures digging up his last breath
    grief leaf thief briefly turned chieftan
    the tapwaters on the waters off the waters leaking

    so this is blue
    my frame reportedly spotted garden variety burners and lost to normalcy
    my terms the memoir obligation in the boodoir crystalize impurities to zero on the

    autograph dirty characters sponges hunches hurling murder abundant lunches with the

    city suppers punching (hurdling) tomorrow since I sit in consquence merging brings to

    bubble up along the edges of precious child fantasy broken hi, my name is hazardous

    tobaccanist im on the brink im purgin dirt and spit my lung in the sink as for the

    product well its drenched in a barren backward wasteland of shimmering moral tension

    and venturing the plaza pleasant i saw it all from pixie dust to crepid pins and

    voodoo dolls and 99 dreams later the shooting gallery wall its like not a wave crash

    similar to last or next heckle me not already doctored by regrets gray  rain

    beligerant fragments bomb acid ushering the pixels till the image burned classic

    bliss in a barrel and motivation in a basket ima cast it out to sea and wait for my

    comma to grasp it I left my crutch over the rainbow with my riches and I know the rat

    race of the bad taste once his grimmace cringes an iron butterfly will float if given

    good condition but im still fisihing the same worm from the same faulty posistion


    im tryin to walk alone and miss the bliss inide the accidental meeting of the pencil

    and the ceiling and the censures started meeting breathing at a rappid calibur at

    that a line so gray will last forever more dusting off the dreams to be an autopilot

    still a silent understudy funny how the opposite will throttle and the different

    stroke and model to the prison is innacurate portrayal of an addequate betrayal of a

    wish gonna wanna coulda shoulda woulda did it isnt it amusing choosing and a plan of

    cybernating waiting till the mating means of motivation took a fine posistion dishing

    only after every little kiddy has performed I just wanna be a general he said I just

    wanna I just wanna I just wanna be a general he said I just wanna sleep yo what a

    long capitol crust gallop my charriot burning and aweful enigma sprung by the sling

    of david appears gutterbug batch prior to hatch dismiss it as a soul condensing

    excuse to decorate maps with thumb tacks this gold star product pushing hate boogie

    themes enter the smoke screen blazing saddle remnants alive analyze pensive connect

    all picket fences like chain gangs linked digging trenches to candy land image

    factory sold ah I wanna be an astronaut I got the merits and heart and I bought a

    starship with hard earned money from one hour selling dreams to dummies when they

    raise the lights ja ja ja jesus christ ive never seen so many goblins in my life (oh

    my lord) vibrate through the fog and then some dragging bent circuits on a short

    leash like organ grinder primates dancing for bread crumbs well did you touch that

    slugger banging on the table with an old tin cup thin luck I can raise the dead when

    the shark settlers fled the place brung out they bed of nails to spread the sails

    racing for milk and bread but I got big big plans i ride a big boat with a big ol

    motor and I aint really that big on helping you turn your leaf over (lets sing) bring

    out your dead a quarter pile sky high (lets see) what if your miserable saw the plant

    fly by my name is try to deny magnificent doom craft my records so built and ima show

    you why this globe tilts

    take me where the air is clear i dont really know where but I know its not here and

    every little step she takes makes me speak cause I know ill never have to sleep alone again

    take me where the...

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