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    [INTRO: Vast Aire & Aesop conversing]

    Yo, (Alright Ok)

    Can I get a quarter or something?

    Little hungry, you know what I'm saying? (Alright Ok)


    I need a Lucy yo...



    Walk into the store with a pocket full of nickels

    And a city full of horns, jackhammers, and rape whistles

    The alley cats manipulate the blocks with gutter magic

    Today my heart beats only out of habit

    Check it, it's like..

    My man Jus used to keep an ox between his teeth

    Said he could spit it with pinpoint accuracy if there was beef

    We chuckled out loud

    Still the thought of it intrigued me, (right)

    So now I keep a jackal under my tongue to spit with related reasoning

    The earthworm turbulent murder burnout Gerber baby no brain or memoir stardom

    Alarmed, pardon the ??

    Robber crumb ugly dumb image

    Barely sprung ? now grimace

    Nearly cut cherry blood's picket wrist back in high school (now it's like)

    Spy with a millipede pentagon pirate navigates cities some systems

    Urbanite turbines

    Twisted Pistons

    Termites that infect ? Village

    There's roaches in the pillars (Spillover)

    And crawl across commuter-train wingtips and loafers

    It's the theme park I built

    Pocket full of nickels for cigarettes, gum, and milk, bitterness, love, and violence

    I'm writing a petition to have smoking as a sport

    in the 2002 Summer Olympic Games (wanna sign it?)

    Now look, I jux germs draggin a gavel knee deep in a maggot hatchery

    Operation capture flag by any means

    If this means anything at all, anyway it's a riddle

    Walk into the store with a pocket full of nickels

    [SEGUE 1: Vast Aire & Aesop Conversing]

    Ay uh, yo excuse me (Ay Yo) yo

    Can I borrow a dollar or something? (Ah sorry man) nickel?

    (Sorry man, I can't help you out dog) Quarter?

    Something man?(Yeah I only got enough for like cigarettes and shit man)

    Alright man, I see how it is (I'm straight)


    Walk into the store with a pocket full of nickels

    And a city full of World Trade Center victim candle vigils

    There's anthrax in our mailboxes and Xanax in my tummy

    There's a single Spanish female out west traveling the country

    Freak of ?? glazer major running bases

    Neighborhood watch weasels pacing ugly acres more than often

    If I ever make it big, I'm gonna build a skyscraper tall enough to piss on

    cloud 9 egos from my corner office

    You can't pull the plug on a catapult (nope)

    I toss a nickel to a bum's cup from twenty paces thumbs up

    Got twenty ways to tell you shut the fuck up

    Nineteen of ?em are 24 bars long, the other one goes (SHUT THE FUCK UP!)

    And an electronic daddy long legs stay grimy up in your zoning wall

    Groveling villagers, trying to hide behind the windmill

    I just got in pig-back through subway tunnels with a third rail nearest

    While most still try to penetrate the alligator plants (It goes)

    Back in the class, throwing pencils at professors

    And making barbarellas giggle

    That's when life's pleasures were simple

    Now it takes a dancing bear jumping through flaming hoops

    to even make em buy the god-forsaken single!

    Though shall not desecrate the soothing spiral

    altered by a classic cut to vinyl

    Find that in the Bible!

    My insult Militia'll fix you up

    Out by the pyramid shaped torso with your hollow numbskull balancing on top

    Now if you got a lock and gas mask outside of your own apartment

    You could pretty safely quote Shamar

    Life's Ill, sometimes Life might kill, sometimes prayers dwindle

    Walk into the store with a pocket full of nickels

    [SEGUE 2: Vast Aire & Aesop Conversing]

    Yo (ay what's up man?) Yo can I ohh...

    No..Never mind man (I can't help you out man)

    Asshole! (Yo man, I'm trying to help myself out right now)

    Fucking asked you for a Lucy and you turned me down (Dog, I'm sorry dog!)


    Walk into the store, same pocket, same nickels

    In a city where every crack in the sidewalk's a symbol

    Where there's crack in the basement, where there's crack in the slave ships

    Where there's crack whores and corrupt pigs killing cats trying to crack cases

    My boombox runs on a baboon heart transplant (This is hell!)

    I got a poltergeist on a leash trained by Caroline herself

    Two Thousand something...

    Technology aid itself glutton

    Every move I make's from a robot gepetto pressing a red button

    It's Vietnam in the fumes

    Yes I run with cannibals that bite the hand

    that feeds cuz it tastes better than the food

    The prickly outer shell's genetic, it helps defense mode

    But it also helps to fuck up a couple of sacred friendships

    Watch a six legged insect crawl out of the billy goat beard

    Watch a sick makeshift bitch threat fall out when the filthy smoke clears

    Watch the insect's stinger sting threat till it has sweat a bullet

    Sweat a full clip, sweat a river, dead the bullshit, sail away and wither

    You're the kind of cat that rolls a pimped out Caddy

    dropped with rims and limousine tints bucking Enya

    Insert laughter here

    I wanna rap a lot and stack cheddar by the fistful

    But for now, I walk into the store with a pocket full of huhh...

    [OUTRO: Vast Aire & Aesop conversing]

    Excuse me man (alright ok)

    Can I..Can I borrow a dollar or something to eat?...(alright ok) I'm..I'm hungry

    I'm saying yo...(alright ok) (Look at that..)

    I'm homeless man (Look at that bum) (alright ok)

    I fought for this country man (yeah)

    Sleep on park benches....starvin'

    All I need is like a lucy and like a sandwich or somethin' man..

    Wiping my ass with the Daily News man...c'mon man..

    Sleepin' with squirrels (Oh my god, What are you doing with that squirrel?)

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