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    These lil', lil' fuckin' Martians

    You gotta love em' though

    Mars attacks wit' electric gats

    Not for sapien abduction (what's up then?!)

    Billy took a laser to the mug piece; hallowed out the mandible

    Channel headquarters order the cannonballs (Mars attacksssss)

    We have high demands column to this pigeon ankle

    And boomeranging' our harvest; 51st area sickness

    Not a threat, an area witness won't injure the promise

    Monster lead- carry your ligament fanged in the mosh pit

    Dodge vapor, labor days are major A sir

    Cater the alien decomposer soldier platter like cabbage check eight

    I told her "go for C4 magic's"

    Smolder as the Bazooka Tooth holster fabric

    (This fucker's rabid and still breathing!) (Hiding cabbage!)

    Oh, the heater claps to leave me

    I'ma ninja this shit wit' sugar in the fuel tank of a saucer

    Buddy up and head down to the metal corporate tunnels

    Ice pick the soldered ship wiring; pissed of the mother and um,

    I'd be lying if I said I knew your intentions

    See my sexy sabotage seeks defensive action to save the race

    You land in hand on board to mention magma (Blaze the place!)

    Red five revival there's wires in the bible

    Obviously, ultra take advance when I point counterpoint

    Comparison of ET verse little old freak me (She be on somethin')

    Hey riddle sweet peas wit' your nickel PCs; fickle CDs, miserable TV sitcom (typical!)

    Pathetic.Ritual. Collective slackership

    Beautiful establishment; you aint established shit! I consider you foul

    Prowl back to the numbers under burnt pride in the dark (sup yall!)

    They want us dead or alive without the 'aliiivee'Part

    The sun rose over a body bag shortage

    Last week I was like 'god bless the saint that invented the cordless'

    This week I saw the re-wrap of the bull's-eye of my worship

    Temple body slash bull-cabinet Mastermind diversions (Fuck yall!)

    Lets do this shit, my movement soothes any space invader practice

    Stomped under enemy like "Hey what now, bitch!?"

    Hiding human hear me rise above material and cardinal sin

    They shot me in the face

    Mars wins (X5)

    (Puffin' smoke)Run around with your fae on fire

    (Jet-black smoke on the horizon)Black smoke in the air.

    Maaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssss wins! (I thought you would like it)

    (We gon' make it) Who you screaming at dog?

    I got this!(Lets go)

    Zig zag zookah, pinnacle stitch

    Unleash the unlimited edish primitive piss

    I'm singin' cynical maybe the most military ops

    Monkey!Here's elephant, and it drops

    We on a three-ringed prong ancient elephant tusk

    Bitter, at fully (break bread!) you shruggin' it off

    Keep it electric, sure, But NY Electra's not about electric wars

    Never seen a poor man's glimpse set fake (Last page!)

    Three, two, one, domesticate!

    In the corner of the cave reinventing the wheel and roll out funny

    Sittin' on them Barney Rubble twenties, subtle

    Sippin' Saber tooth blood puddle-

    I could roll with the lackey's, that's if we hustle

    Knuckle in the mud, hell's bells in the chuckle..

    Red-berried face means smugger round the muzzle

    I'm allergic to the now-born solo panel cutters stole quo to the core (dirt mess!)

    Stone cold's hands out core cryogenics, stubborn

    Can't talk shit wit' a tongue full a' rugburn!

    Bad cholesterol through blood sugar

    Four-piece heartbeats wit' a subwoofer!

    I'm not asking you to act like you notice (Oh Aesop's SO Mesozoic.)

    Now what if in the cabin built the old pulping?

    Opened the mirror, stole a pulse with the voltage

    Keeping me alive is the vibe with the Vulcan's (hope!)

    I'm the devine catapult (Catapult!)

    I break it down to the bunk for the crooks wit' the goals of a angel


    Structural droids; more bangs for the buck

    But they want a last stegosaurs - thorns in the glove (buck wit' it!)

    Prehistoric land shark business, cradling the arms of the car man's kidney

    Swarm to the sickly thawed out the glacier

    Beggin' for the freezer burn; back every day sir!

    Sir, your science loves to fuck nature

    Sir, your right to the dawn of my day sir

    Sir, your violent laugh homing beacon's never set;

    Who chase till we all catch vapors

    Don't call it a sound-off, "Mars Attacks" be the malarkey downfall

    It's not a game no more, run from the flash, leave your penny at the door

    A lot of magic gadgets; give em' all back just to nullify the savage

    Mic's crumble we be rockin' right; in the year of the Troclodyte

    Saw a grey mouse rabied poured on a board to the dull morose world like a lull in a storm

    And I know you was hopin' that the piece for the ox was a dull sword, ah

    (Guess what, it's not!)Guess what else, I transmit from the block!

    T-Rex - X-Ray with triple X Hex (give it up!)

    For the yesterdays, or the next I can assure you if the RZA got the sword, (dead flesh!)

    Aint no time left.(Keep ya head up now)

    Maaaaarrrrrrrrssss wins!(I thought you would like it)

    Your head will be down in the dirt

    We'll end it real quick

    Maaaaarrrrrrrrssss wins!(See how strong you are then..)

    Your head down with a mouth full of pebbels

    That's it man, no time left.

    Yall keep talkin'.It'l get you nowhere...

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