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    'This is labor labor labor labor
    (DJ scratch)

    Who put the monkey wrench in well oiled prefectionist emblem
    Just to watch these moniters spit white noise
    through your office space auto made
    I infect knowledge gene pool dissented cloud clusters
    Brushing dust mites off your starborn all revolution sound jugglers
    Delinquent fan for brick habitat bob, weave, stick, move fence
    and put somewhere in the middle for slick invention
    This years brain crop spread spectacular
    I ain't mad at cha don't stay mad at the caliber
    I twist characters like twist characters
    Talley up the alley cat aggresion
    in this Doug E. Fresh infested mess up bassline lust
    An automatic B-boy krylon can't combust circuits
    Working these war picked cyphers
    with head striker stability and kamakazi chivalry
    I alone noble in a warm food feud
    Walking ten generations ain't nobody asking for your patience
    Who ranned off but only meet to face the fact
    that I knew myself and didn't have to ask nobody else

    (Talk about labor) Fantastic planet urchin puting work in
    Searching for pertinent verse minus the murderous diversions
    Apologies won't lore me to the communal sob story
    nor would I sacrifice lifestyle to benefit jewerly temperament
    This whole Green Goblin webcutter butts up against
    crayola daydream landscapes spittin bedlam, Datum
    Charge the villagers nickles and nicotine
    to watch them fed to undiscreniled crack at the high noon
    (We sell popcorn, beer and balloons!)
    I got an echelon this gon be the one children bicker over
    And start warriors vs. baseball fury element
    to glitches mode of century development
    I am a star really! The big bang bastard's back
    with a one way ticket to Beat Street
    This soil is like relevent to human concept
    plot the man ratios man learning, I work past the service
    I work on what I love, I work the service on my vertince
    And I work till this here little flat line closes the curtains

    (DJ scratech)

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