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    Burn it down...
    Pad the circles 'round your life
    To capture all the sides you sight
    Magic tricks where skeptics sink
    The ice is thin, stay off the lake
    Waiting for a clock to punch
    Wish I could breathe and stop for lunch
    If I stop tocount the leaves on one of these here trees
    Not sure that I know what's pure
    Born to kill the insecure
    Some respect, some resent, some remain from start to end
    Wear my heart on my short sleeves
    I'm stuck out here, I lost my keys
    From the roof I watch the street
    And pray for those that's caught beneath

    [Chorus--Slug and Aesop] 2x
    As long as I know right from wrong
    I'll be ok, I'll sing my songs

    I dunno what I have to left
    To give other than truth and breath
    Angel when she shuts her eyes
    Like we will leave to my demise
    Between my time is short
    About to start my last resort
    Wake me up when it's time to make babies
    Talkin planet earthquakes
    Tied the laces, touch the ground
    Let emotions ruptured now
    As long as I know right from wrong, I'll be ok I'll sing my songs

    Chorus 4x

    [Aesop Rock]
    I wanna lift every yellowbrick
    I never felt pressure to have to justify my selfishness
    At least not to your and yours
    Maybe just my friends and fellowships
    As long as the mood is somehow linked to my enhanced development
    I swear they'll understand!!!
    There's a storm outside my tenament
    Beats upon my windows with Mother Nature's adrenaline
    I guess that's why my homey Blockhead stays glued to the television
    Now I look less intelligent
    Cuz I'm the one that tried to bear the elements and lost
    Well it's warm by the filament
    Huddled up close in the company of all my relatives
    Stories lash like coffee and honest-to-God sentiment
    Cucooned in the unified efforts to all get settled in
    Away from where the rain pours!
    Well count your delegates
    Weed out the bums who practice migration under the elegant
    Of course I realize to fill the ring, procedure's delicate
    But lead devils inside to collide with your overzealousness
    And fall to rock bottom
    Spot em with their carelessness
    The urge could burst to turn even those hazardous to militant
    You can't even have half of free second
    The beat comes gelatin
    You gotta aim, fire and the spider be model veteran
    Buried in merit badges
    I'm stuck in the center and could care less
    About the eye of the storm and its monstrous measurements
    I got a defense that I call coolin with my brethren
    Sometimes I get wet
    But it's better than risking life and limb to me, don't you agree?

    Chorus 4x

    [Aesop Rock] *repeat to fade*
    If you wanna push, than I'm ready to push
    But if you pulling while I'm pushing
    Then why did you ask me to push?

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