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    Voice over: give him one of these pills if he has any pain
    A parable what is it? well it's a little story with a lot of truth, and earthly sotry with a heavenly name he told them simply and sincerely
    In words every one could understand and learn the lesson he wanted to teach
    Well they were selfish with the helmets on the little bus
    To break fluid which crippled up the get retarded nickle punks
    Slowly copas wore as lowly robot to raise to be holy pope and one day rise to interigate the holy ghost (i knew it)

    Holy smokes father black suit white collar
    Kiddie porn dungeon guns and 3 fingers for your daughters cunt belly up
    Andtique nazi pariphinelia
    Cannot pay your bills wiht holy water and hail mary luck

    Shut up fucker enjoy the alcatraz shower fun and mommys madam cliche generation X agnostic front
    Not the nify faith since ninteen fify eight before the new new testament approved altar boy kissed then raped

    And take me to your leader as long as he don't manipulate toddler fever
    Call me crazy but i bet that wasn't gods demanor
    Sodomizing pink and (mee too)on long island was jesus and every weekend wed approve traditional love bringing of a middle pennsylvenia shit hole where elders movements stressed stellar theraputic bible cycles
    From church with the bait and tackle store next door and not much more, so the two moved to New York and raised babies based on what they saw

    Christmas morning smelled fresher then angle pussy but immaculate conception came second to playful goodies
    Like lazer tag wasfar more spiritual then blood and body waifer bags and mangers stabs as long as santa ate the cookies

    When i was a saint i ate paitn with snakes a bullies
    Said if only you memorized your prayers like your cool G's
    Byt he time i was old enuf to know what religion was i was catholasism numb and truly diddnt give a FUCK

    94' ,oved out the crib and aint seen a steeple since
    Once kenivil evil seeps and the christian leaders pitch to preists
    Who lap slap with parental advisory warnigns
    Ill be auditioning gods in my office on monday mornings

    Uh oh and yet another I'll slips downt the hatch hittin the kill switch
    I need a couple A's for Q's im not an asshole just a little confused

    Voice over
    This story reminds us of the one jesus told about people who were kind and helpful to others
    He said that oneday the kind would say to these people would say come and inherit the kingdom prepared for you for when i was hungry you gave me food i was sick u visited me when i was in prision you visited me
    And the people asked lord when did we see you sick or hungry or in prison
    And he saqid in the least you ahve done unto you you have done unto me

    Jsut a litle bruise in the back of the pews
    Actin amsued in the maskof the vatican blues
    For in the eyes of the organization iw as raised in
    Ace is jsut another sinning brick in hells basement
    Cubical clolors ajacent tot eh killers and rapists for what?
    Drugs and fuckin that's part of growin up
    Like cups for the dumn shits better then the school im nto an asshole im jsut a little confused

    Just a lit fuse int he back of the pews waching a thousand flavors of the same god feud
    I figure ultimate peace is the common theme so it's a no brainer peace whent he blood hits the screen
    I gota basic good and evil sensibility born
    Good neighbor known that a halo woulda been over horns
    More science hen faith and more karma then bread and booze, im nto an asshole im sjut a little confused
    Not and asshole im jsut a little confused
    Not and asshole im jsut a little confused
    Not and asshole im jsut a little confsued
    You know what to be completely honest aesop your a fucking asshole

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